1. How-zit Nick,

    You and Alex better raid your Dad’s liquor cabinet for the Rock N Rye liquer. Take a sip over rocks ( kori. ) May make you feel better as i sometimes take a nip of it. I like the music intro to your vlog. You are not an ‘ Old man, like your dad!!?? ” See you on LiveStream @ Lulu’s on Friday and i commented on your Dad’s blog of the song Layla. I like the slow version but would love to hear the rockin’ version and Alex playing his Strat and you guys going off on the middle instrumental part. That would be HOT!!!! Oh MYYYY!!! Kin-yobi ni. GO WARRIORS!!!!

    O daiji ni…uhhh, the mike sounded clearer at the end of your vlog!!

  2. Hi Nick, how are you? Hope you feel better now 🙂

    I’ll be in Waikiki soon, but there’s no live shows unfortunately, yes it’s on the second week (><) Hope I see you again sometime someplace really sooooon!!