Here it is, the VLog from last weekend’s adventure! My dad’s surprise birthday party and the shopping adventure are all in this vlog. It is kind of long, but it’s pretty great, I think I’m getting better at this video editing stuff. Be sure to see the very last scene with my brother when he tells us about his Jamba Juice.

Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Vlog You’ve ALL Been Waiting For…

  1. Miyoshi 13 years ago

    ☆⌒(*^-゚)b(゚∇^d)(b^ー゚)d(゚ー゚@)♪nice going!

  2. Misa 13 years ago

    LOL you imitate your brother, its so funny;P
    Your vlog is like TV show now. I really enjoy it:)

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