Lulu’s Vlog…I tried…

Ok so I’ve posted a Vlog before, but I’ve never done one that I’ve edited. I tried to edit this one a little, and it came out junk haha! Don’t worry, I’ll get better at it and I’ll post works of art soon!

This vlog is of me at Lulu’s on friday walking around during our break…enjoy!


  1. wow! cool! I found ME?!

  2. Aloha, Alex!
    Wow, great!!! We can see an atmosphere of Lulu’s and what you guys are fine:) In this vlog, some of my friends appeared and waved:D Oh, I wanna join!!! I’m looking forward to seeing next one♬

    Aloha from Hirosima, NAO♪

  3. Hey,Alex! This is really awesome. Goooooood. I can feel the atmosphere even though I am not there. I wish I could be there….. I will be waiting for the next one!