Home at last!

Hi all … we just arrived home and were greeted by 3 crazy puppies!  I will continue my blog tomorrow morning since I’m tired and cranky …

Good morning!  I was so tired last night that I crashed out right after I said hello to Alex & Nick and ate a hamburger!  I guess their Lulu’s gig went O last night although Alex said the first set sucked.  We have a wedding to perform at tonight over on the windward side and the location is next to one of the old Hawaiian fishponds in that area.  Danny Kaleikini runs a wedding business out there so I guess he’ll be singing Ke Kali Nei Au, the Hawaiian wedding song, with us today.  Yikes .. the last time we did this was at the Aloha Yokohama Festival last month and I have to admit that it’s not ManoaDNA-style material!  Oh well, we’ll have a good time with Uncle Danny anyway …

Well, Vegas was fun but I wouldn’t call it a “vacation” since we had my mother and mother-in-law with us.  It sure seemed like the tough economy has sucked out a lot of the town’s spirit … Vegas looked really run-down and dirty, even on the Strip.  I’ve been going there for the past 30 years and I’ve never seen the place look so bad!  I sure hope things start to pick up there soon … hang in there, guys!!

Aloha, Lloy”D”



  1. Hi Dad!! Otsukaresama(^^)
    I know Danny Kaleikini, so I went to “Waikoloa Ukulele Festival on 2005” at Bigisland and he is sing a sung Japanese song “Otomi-san”(old song). It’s so good! “Ke Kali Nei Au” is my favorite song! Also I practice the ukulele this song. I hope to listen to “Ke Kali Nei Au” Manoa DNA version(^_-) See you soon☆


  2. I forgot to say… Hau’oli La Hanau Dad!!(belated birthday ne…)

  3. Aloha, Dad!
    Welcome back! You guys seem to have enjoyed in Vegas:) If I have a chance, I want to go there!
    On 21st, the debut of Manoa NA, I was late, so, I didn’t know how the first set sucked! Because they already had some alcohol, they seemed to behave naturally♪ I’m really sorry Mark’s lei which I gave interrupted their playing…X(
    Alex told me you’ve said sorry to me. I’m sorry for your concern and trouble. Please don’t mind so! You’re really kind:) I like you SO MUCH!!!

    Aloha from Japan, NAO♪