Happy Friday everyone, tonight is the debut of Manoa NA at Lulus! With Dad gone, Manoa DNA loses a D and turns into Manoa NA! Hope to see you all down there as it should be a VERY interesting experiment.

For a little laugh…


3 thoughts on “Friday is Gold Eyedrop Day!

  1. Miyoshi 13 years ago

    You should say “Kitaaaaaaaaaa!!!” when if you apply Gold eyedrops 😉
    It is a TV commercial of Gold eyedrops!

  2. Nao Matsuura 13 years ago

    Aloha, Nick!
    I watched this video on facebook first. I couldn’t help laughing. Still now!(^Д^) Thank you for your nice try(^^)b Then, when are you gonna try next time???

    Aloha, NAO♪

  3. Nao Matsuura 13 years ago

    And please don’t rub your eyes so hard!!!(ρ_<;)

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