Our New Band Name, “ManoaAND”

Nick's Blog 2 April 2013 | Comments Off

I’m happy to report that in order to feature Alex more in the band, we have changed our name to “ManoaAND” and placed Alex’s name at the head of the table! This is to not only satisfy his leadership in the group, but also his desire to be in the spotlight.

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Last Night at Hyatt

Nick's Blog 22 March 2012 | Comments

Last night was another Wednesday at the SWIM bar in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. A good crowd flowed in and out throughout the night, and we were blessed with (almost) no rain. I’m still always amazed at how little rain Waikiki gets compared to Manoa valley only a mile away.

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Dad's Blog 21 March 2012 | Comments Off

Good morning, all … Just another Wednesday in what’s turning out to be a pretty mellow week for me.  That’s good, because I think I’m coming down with another cold … my throat feels like crap and I’m coughing more frequently.  I’ve been trying to hold it at bay with all these different cold supplements, […]

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Quiet night in Waikiki, where are you?

Nick's Blog 17 June 2011 | Comments Off

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Hot coffee to soothe the soul!

Dad's Blog 30 March 2011 | Comments Off

Love that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!  I sometimes blend it with one of the coffee selections from our NEspresso machine to create a little variety, but my favorite is still the original!  Ahhhh … nothing like a little taste of java heaven! Carla & Linda just took the puppies for their walk and gave them their […]

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$15,877.12 vs. $402.25

Nick's Blog 14 March 2011 | Comments Off

This past weekend we heard the call: a call to help, a call to act, and a call to come together. Last night at the Waikiki Beachwalk stage, we witnessed it all come to fruition. [singlepic id=27 w=180 h=120 float=left]On Friday, early in the morning with the tsunami watches still in effect in Hawai’i, I […]

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Saturday Serenata: Music in Waikiki

Nick's Blog 29 January 2011 | Comments

“A cool breeze enters the restaurant as we are lead to our tables. It’s a busy night at Lulus Waikiki, and a crowd has gathered from the weekend’s Pro Bowl festivities. It’s hard to make out, but there’s a hum of music above the bustle of voices. Who is it?” When ManoaDNA started playing in […]

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Back at Tikis!

Nick's Blog 11 October 2010 | Comments Off

For two weeks in October, ManoaDNA was invited back to Tikis Grill & Bar in Waikiki! Back in 2008, we played weekly at Tikis for a couple shows, but never really got a flow going at the popular Waikiki bar. This time, we are ready and willing to show Tikis exactly what ManoaDNA can do! […]

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I’m back!

Nick's Blog 16 October 2009 | Comments

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“Happy Halloween!” – October 2009

News 1 October 2009 | Comments

Happy Halloween everyone! As we prepare for the holiday season, Manoa DNA will be going into semi-hiding and preparing their new album! October will be a pretty mellow Manoa DNA month, with only Lulus and Kani Ka Pila on the bill, but with one more trip to Japan scheduled in the beginning of November and […]

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