San Jose & Alx Music!

Aloha Everyone! Thank you again for reading my blog and supporting MānoaDNA! It’s been a busy summer, with no signs of slowing down for fall, so I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Last weekend, I headed up to San Jose, California to watch Alx perform in his first mainland solo show! I flew up late Thursday night, and joined Alx & Sarah for the weekend at his friend’s house. He actually had two performances, kicking off the University of Hawai‘i football weekend vs. San Jose State.

UH Football vs. San Jose St.

On Friday night, at the Hukilau Restaurant, Alx performed a couple of sets for local transplants and fans that had made the trek (like me)! The place is just like home, with beer flowing and good local dishes, and was made even more comfortable by the friendly staff. By the end of the night, and Alx’s set, everyone was singing along for a hana hou!

The next morning, with a slight headache and sleepy eyes, we headed to the San Jose State campus for Alx’s second gig at the football game tailgate. Poor Alx had to block out the previous night’s adventure and sing for all the fans heading to the game! It must’ve worked though, since UH won the game 17-0!

Alx Music at the UH Tailgate

This week also marks the beginning of my new adventure in real estate! Since Tuesday, I have been heading into the office at Marcus & Associates to learn as much as I can and start building my website! Yesterday, I got to go out to Broker Open Houses in Hawaii Kai to learn neighborhoods, prices, and get a feel for the open house experience. If you want to submit your email address already, you can visit my website at It’s not completely up yet, but the splash page has an email submission where you can sign up for my eventual newsletter!

Becoming a real estate agent is both exciting and scary! For the first time in my life, I am working on a commission-only basis and fending for myself! If you or you know anyone that needs help finding a home or selling one, please keep me in mind! I will admit that I have a lot to learn, but I’m VERY lucky to have the number one agent mentoring and looking out for me!

It’s another busy week in Hawai‘i nei, and I’m looking forward to Hawai‘i football vs. UNLV this weekend! Our original group of tailgaters has shruken dramatically over the years, but this is my first home game so I will try to rally the troops!

Have a good weekend everyone!