Life goes on …

‘Morning, all.

Great news … THE TRADES HAVE RETURNED!! OMG, it’s been SO hot & humid the last 3 weeks, I thought we were in Guam! It’s now so much cooler and it couldn’t have come at a better time … especially after all the events of the past couple of weeks! So, now that Alex & Sarah are getting settled in LA and Nick continues his journey across America, we can finally pause and catch our breath before the madness starts again … and it’s already here! Hahaha!.

So now, everyone’s been asking me what I plan to do with all my free time … and my response is always, “What free time?!”. I still have a lot going on with ‘IOLANI projects and a few special events that Alex will be coming back for, including our November OHANA TOUR 2014 to Japan. This has been an absolutely phenomenal year for me personally, and I’m actually looking forward to spending a very quiet and relaxing holiday season with my family … before the craziness of 2015 starts!

Aloha, “D”