Back home ….

Aloha, friends.

It’s great to be back … traveling is fun, but coming home always makes me appreciate how lucky we are to live in Hawai’i!  Vegas was fun, though … the weather was gorgeous but my golf game sucked – again!  I really have to get my elbow checked out .. I tried resting it for a couple of weeks but the pain came back after only a couple of swings.  Alex & Nick also drove in from LA with some friends, so we played some at the tables and ate at the Triple 7 Sports Bar in Main Street Station and at Du-par’s in the Golden Gate Casino.  My favorites at Triple 7 are the chili, fish & chips, and sushi – yup, you heard right – sushi!  It’s not the best, but it’s pretty ono.  We discovered Du-par’s on our last trip to Vegas … it originally started out as a bakery and is now a restaurant with multiple locations.  The food is awesome – nothing fancy, just great comfort food like chicken pot pie, hamburgers, shrimp cocktail (yups!), etc. … but the best meal of all is their breakfast – pancakes, corned beef hash, omelets, and pastries to die for!  Definitely a must place to eat in Vegas …

So now we’re back home and begin preparations for our upcoming Japan tour at the end of November.  It’s called “Hot Hawaiian Christmas – ManoaDNA 2013 Tour” and we’ll be performing in Sendai (Darwin), Onagawa, Harajuku (Club Astro), Hamamatsu, Hiroshima, and Sapporo.  We’re really looking forward to seeing all of our fans again so please be sure to get the word out … tickets are going fast!

Aloha, “D”