Sept. 11th .. we will not forget.

Aloha, friends!  It’s Wednesday, Sept. 11th … 12 years ago our country was brutally sucker-punched by a group of Islamic terrorists.  Over 3,000 people died in the attack on New York’s World Trade Center which eventually sent our military forces into Iraq and Afghanistan.  Will this ever end??  No way … man has used religion for centuries to achieve ambitions of greed and power and it ain’t gonna change.  And if it’s not religion it’ll be something else …   you can count on it.

Things are slowly getting back to normal for our family.  I’ve started going through mom’s personal affairs, and it’s been mentally and emotionally challenging to say the least.  I’m learning a lot about the probate process and the different issues that arise from it … all I can say is, you’d better have a good estate lawyer and accountant ready to help you!

Some good news … ManoaDNA celebrated its 8th anniversary last month!  Never thought we’d make it this far or last this long … I’m just so fortunate to share the stage with two of the best sons in the world!  It’s amazing that they still tolerate this old fart after all these years!  I also want to send a huge mahalo out to our bass player, Mark (we didn’t include his initial because otherwise it would read Manoa DAMN!  Hahaha!)  Anyway, we’ve got a lot of projects to complete before we head out on the road later this year …

And I’m really stoked that Nathan Aweau decided to join our ‘IOLANI ohana … we’ll be providing him with shirts for all of his performances!  We’re proud to be working with Nathan and look forward to a great relationship!  Oh yeah … and ‘IOLANI will be holding a benefit event for the REHAB Hospital on October 10th.  We’re both celebrating our 60th Anniversary this year and proceeds from the event will be going to REHAB.  Come down and please join us for a good cause!

Aloha, “D”