July 4th week recap ….

Happy “Aloha Monday”, friends!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend … and boy, was it hot or what?!  Even our normally cool trade winds were hot and humid … it almost felt like I was in Guam!  I knew it was going to be a hot one when it was already heating up as we walked to Morning Glass for breakfast at 7:30am.  Speaking of Morning Glass, I love that place … the coffees are brewed by the cup and the scones are to die for.  Get there early or you may have a long wait for a table … and don’t forget to ask Mahina for her recommendations, especially the omelettes!

I spent most of last week in LA visiting a good friend who had heart surgery at UCLA … I was going to fly home with him on Thursday but because his vital signs weren’t fully stable, the doctors wouldn’t release him.  That UCLA Medical Center is impressive and the facilities and staff are amazing … no wonder they’re rated among the top hospitals in the nation!  In any case, the doctors finally released Gregg on Saturday and he was able to fly home that evening .. yay!  I’d like to take this moment to recognize the unsung hero in this whole ordeal – Gregg’s wife Ruthann.  A lot of times, caregivers are never given the credit they deserve even though they’re the ones busting their asses to take care of the patient’s needs every day.  It’s a tough, thankless job and my total respect and admiration goes out to all of you out there who are taking care of loved ones ….

After I got back Carla and I went to see Alx and the Leftys perform at Lulu’s on Friday.  I saw many of our Japanese fans who were there to see Alex play along with my favorite party animals from Hawai’i Kai!  These guys (Scott , Denise, and the gang) are the best – they always bring their friends down to listen to us and are always so supportive … and boy, can they party!  In fact, Alex text’d me earlier that evening saying that the group was going to be there … and then offered to drive me home afterward!  Hahaha!  Needless to say, he did end up driving me home!

We had two private events over the weekend so we didn’t perform at our beloved Kani Ka Pila on Saturday.  This week, we’ll be at the Honolulu Zoo on Wednesday to perform at the Wildest Show in Town.  This is one of our favorite summer venues – it’s in a beautiful setting and always attracts a lot of people.  Roy & Kathy Sakuma are the organizers of this great event and I’d like to thank them for inviting ManoaDNA to perform there every year!  Come on down and check it out …

Aloha, “D”