Alx Blog – Life is Good…or Good is Life?

I’ve always said being busy is great. We are very very busy now with many different projects and I am so grateful for all of these opportunities. However, I am a little stressed and tired. We are taking a lot of chances this year and doing lots of different projects all before the first half of the year is done. I’m so happy for all of these chances to work so I really hope these are worth it.
One project has to do with Dole Plantation and their Pineapple Express train ride. We’ve been featured on the narration for the last few years and we are so close to finishing a great opportunity for both ManoaDNA and Dole. Cant wait to share it with you all! But for now, I’ll keep it a secret..even tho I’m sure my Dad or Nick have mentioned it already 🙂
Hope to see you all at one of our gigs!