Aloha, friends!

Well, another busy March week has gone by and April will soon be upon us.  I’m kinda stressing right now because I have so much to do and so little time (sound familiar?).  We’re working on several exciting projects for both ‘IOLANI and ManoaDNA, and it’s like trying to put together two puzzles at the same time – with a time limit!  And now that I’m older, I find that I’m a lot less patient and more demanding … OMG, I’ve become my dad!!

Last week we appeared on Hawaii News Now to help promote the Ala Moana Shopping Center’s “Shop A Lea” event for which we performed on Saturday.  I’ve finally learned to bring a jacket to the TV stations because we spend most of the time freezing our butts off until it’s time for our spot.  I guess the temperature needs to be kept really low so that all of the lighting and stuff doesn’t overheat.  Then on Friday, I took my friends Kenzo and Tom golfing at Waialae and afterward we enjoyed some of the delicious wine which Kenzo brought from his winery, Kenzo Estates, located in Napa.  The sauvignon blanc, aptly named “Asatsuyu” (Morning Dew), was superb – I usually drink reds, but this white was exceptional!  Afterwards, I joined the boys at Lulu’s for our regular Friday gig and must’ve had a great time … my memory was a little foggy after an afternoon of wine “tasting”!  Hahaha!  Last night we had dinner with my friend Leon and his guests from Japan, Yujin & Aya, over at Legends Seafood in the Chinese Cultural Plaza.  Yujin is one-half of the duo, YUZU, one of Japan’s top musical groups, and his wife Aya is a huge TV and promotional celebrity.  We all enjoyed some great Chinese cuisine and Kenzo wine … all the while being entertained by a wedding reception that was going on right next to our section.  Every time the guests would start clinking their water glasses (to get the bride & groom to kiss) we’d all join in too!  What a great way to end the weekend …

And so another week begins … have a great one, y’all!

Aloha, “D”