Aloha Friday

‘Morning, all!  It’s Friday and the start of another busy weekend … performing at Lulu’s tonight and then at the UH basketball game tomorrow night.  I gotta tell you … even though I consider myself a seasoned musician, the thought of singing the pre-game national anthem & Hawai’i Pono’i is nerve-wracking!  It’s not the lyrics (which I know by heart), but it’s a first for me – and in 3-part a capella to boot!  A couple of my friends suggested we pull a “Beyonce” (ie. lip-sync), but that’s not our style … so it’s full speed ahead, and as we say on stage, “See you at the end, boys!”

We helped Nick celebrate his 30th birthday on Wednesday with a surprise party at Tokkuritei Restaurant.  We were all dressed up in yukata (Japanese robes) so the place must’ve looked like a bathhouse!  The chef laid out quite a spread (wish I had pictures!) and everyone enjoyed the great food, drink (lots of that), and lots of laughter!  Us old farts left early so I hope everyone made it home ok …

I’m thinking of giving up golf since my game is so bad – yesterday I shot a 40 on the front, and then exploded with a 53 on the back for a score of 93!  What the #%:#@ is going on?!!  The worst part is having to endure the post-round humiliation at the “19th hole”, which is where our group earned it’s nickname, the “Degenerates”!  Frick!  But never fear … everything goes in cycles and one day I’ll be back on top, dishing out the grief (sure hope it’s soon!)!

Aloha, “D”