Happy New Year, everybody!

2013 has arrived and it’s been pouring rain in Manoa.  Started on New Years morning and hasn’t let up since …  guess we’re getting Mother Nature’s super duper cleansing for 2013!  Hope you all had a great New Years holiday … we performed down at the Hyatt Waikiki on New Year’s Eve for a private event and then welcomed the New Year at home with family and friends.  I’m still feeling some of the effects from last week’s trip so I’m not quite up to speed yet …

Lots of stuff to do in the new year, but my first priority is to get a new water heater for our home!  We have a solar water heating system, but the heater just went kaput and now we have no hot water!   And since cold showers suck, we’ve had to take our showers elsewhere .. ie, at the club, Alex’s house, etc. … real pain in the ass!  Good news is our plumber is coming over today so we’ll hopefully have some hot water running real soon.

Hope you all have better luck than we’ve had so far … hahaha!

Aloha, “D”