Rise & shine!

Had a 3:30am wake up call this morning to join the boys at the KITV studios to help promote this Friday’s “Boys & Their Toys” event at Gordon Biersch.  This is a benefit for Toys for Tots and we’re encouraging everyone to come down and donate a toy.  In return, you’ll get a chance to win various door prizes including round-trip airfare to the mainland for two on Hawaiian Airlines while enjoying great entertainment by us, Kapala, and ALX.  I’m also keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the weather clears up because if you recall, our last two events at GBs were cut short by mini-hurricanes!  But hey .. the third time’s the charm, right??  Anyway, hope to see y’all there this Friday!

I forgot we had one more regular gig tomorrow night at the SWIM in the Hyatt … we’ve done so many performances since Thanksgiving, I don’t even want to look at the schedule any more!  We’re pretty much gigging every night through Sunday, then are off for a week before returning to stage on New Years Eve.  Speaking of Christmas, have you guys finished your shopping yet?  I haven’t even had time to think of Christmas, let alone shopping!  I’m feeling a little lazy so I might just give gift cards or something boring like that … there’s just too much stuff on my plate right now.

And finally … Hawai’i is in mourning for Senator Daniel Inouye who passed away yesterday at the age of 88.  He served with my dad in the 442nd Combat Regiment and they remained close friends up until my dad’s death almost 3 years ago.  He always called my mom to check up on her and even came down to KKPG to watch us perform when he was in town.  We will miss him dearly, but I know he’s now with Maggie, my dad, and many of his buddies having a great time and a well-deserved rest …

Aloha, “D”