Voggy Thursday

‘Morning, all!

Vog’s still around but it looks like it’s slowly clearing up even though the trades haven’t returned yet.  I sure hope they start blowing by this weekend because we definitely need some relief.  My nose itches, I sneeze constantly, and I’ve even developed a slight cough – ugh!  The good news is that the vog hasn’t seemed to affect my voice at all because I still sing flat and crack on the high notes! :-)  And it’s also given us some beautiful sunsets too … at THE SWIM last night, I saw a gorgeous turquoise sky filled with pink clouds – the colors were so vivid that it stopped me in my tracks!  You know how you sometimes see something so beautiful that you want to keep it in your memory forever?  Well this was one of those moments and I knew that no camera would ever be able to capture nature’s colors as clean and pure as the human eye.  It was truly awesome …

My SF pals Tim and Bernice came down to the Hyatt last night to see us, and I ended up joining them for some drinks and b.s. after we were done.  Also got to say aloha to one of our very dear friends, Misa, who’ll be returning to cold Yokohama this Saturday … please take care and don’t catch cold!  I’d also like to wish good luck to all those participating in this Sunday’s Honolulu Marathon … I sure hope the vog will be gone by then!

ManoaDNA has one more regular performance left in 2012 since we’ll be busy with private events and a little travel (again!) for the rest of December.  I want to take this moment to recognize our wonderful “partners” – Lulu’s, Kani Ka Pila Grille, and Hyatt.  MAHALO! Luana, Nick, and Jerry for the tremendous support and commitment you guys give to us local musicians!  We are truly grateful and will continue to do our best to exceed your expectations!

Aloha, “D”