Thursday & Friday

Yaaayyy!!  It’s Thursday which means golf this afternoon!  It’s been an extremely busy week so far, and today is no exception starting off with another early morning meeting at  ‘IOLANI on KONA ST.  Last night was pretty quiet over at THE SWIM in the Hyatt but we had a lot of fun with the people who were there.  Afterward, we had drinks and pupus next door at Japengo … a great way to unwind after an evening of playing music!  Mahalo to GM Jerry Westenhaver for the great hospitality and to maitre ‘d Poletti for his great dance moves!  If you haven’t eaten at Japengo yet, you have to try it … their fried chicken appetizer is to die for!

And … it’s now Friday!  It’s amazing how easy it is to fast forward my blog!  Right now it’s 6:30am and unusually cold … there must be a cold front over the islands that’s bringing in the cool weather.  This is in sharp contrast to yesterday’s weather which was warm, humid, and slightly voggy … so weird!  Golf was fun … our team won even though I didn’t play very well.  Of course, the best part about our Thursday golf group is at the “19th hole” where the winners bask in their victories and the losers have to sit there and eat all the abuse!  They don’t call our group The Degenerates for nothing …

We’ll be back at Lulu’s tonight for our final performance there for 2012. We have a ton of special engagements coming up in December both here and off-island, which is gonna keep us super busy.  And because of this crazy schedule, we’re only appearing once (Dec. 22nd) 🙁 at our beloved Kani Ka Pila Grille, so I sincerely apologize if we don’t get to see you when you’re in town this time.  We’ll be back, though, and I will look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

Aloha, “D”