Woke up to a cold, windy, rainy morning here in Manoa … feels like the winter season has arrived.  Of course our winter weather is not the snow and freezing temperature kind … it’s more like the shorts, slippers, and sweat shirt version!  As I’ve said before, this is my favorite time of year not only for the weather but because people just seem to be in a better mood due to the holidays.

Played a round of golf out at Waikele yesterday with my Selohssa group.  The greens were really tough – very slow and grainy – and I must have 3-putted at least 6 of them.  I was still able to shoot an 82 and ended up winning my flight and the Calcutta bet … yeehaaa!!

Got some take-out from Serge’s in Manoa last night – chicken nachos and a quesadilla.  The order of nachos was huge … way bigger than before but just as good.  It was so big and filling that Carla and I couldn’t finish it … needless to say, we didn’t even touch the quesadilla!

Got another busy week with lots of meetings and gigs.  Hope you all have a wonderful week … December, here we come!!

Aloha, “D”