‘Morning, peeps!

Just got back from walking the puppies on another cool, rainy morning here in Manoa.  I’ve pretty much recovered from the jet lag although I’m not quite back to my regular sleeping schedule … should be back to normal this week, though.  Met the boys at Yataimura in Shirokiya last night for our usual Monday pau hana … the Happy Hour there is the best deal in town!  You can get pitchers of draft for as little as $8 and there’s a wide range of food offerings available.  We usually get some sashimi, tenmusu (shrimp tempura wrapped in rice), edamame (soybeans), assorted sushi, or tonkatsu (pork cutlet) to go with our beer … pretty good, but not like the stuff in Japan.  The food in Japan is awesome … still, it’s always nice to have a greasy old hamburger with fries after we get home.  Some things never change …

Got a really busy week … tons of meetings today and tomorrow, Thanksgiving on Thursday, and more meetings on Friday.  ManoaDNA will be performing tomorrow night at THE SWIM in the Hyatt, but will be off on Friday and Saturday … sorry!  Our new mini-CD “SWEET EMBRACE” is really getting great reviews, and I can’t wait to complete the full CD in 2013.  December is going to get even crazier for us … lots of special events, fundraisers, and oh yeah … Christmas and New Years!!  We should all declare December a national holiday month since everyone’s preoccupied with parties and shopping and not their jobs!  All in favor please raise their hands!!

Thanksgiving’s in 2 days, then Black Friday … get ready to rumble, people!!

Aloha, “D”