ALX Blog – Two Shows Down, Two to Go!


I’m sitting in my hotel room in Osaka right now and it reminds of sitting in a classroom…is that weird? We arrived in Osaka early this afternoon and went straight to soundcheck before coming to our hotel to rest for a long 30 minutes. A lot of the clubs we are playing at have a cigarette smell and it’s taking it’s toll on my voice. It’ll be ok tho, just drinking hot water next to my computer to try and relax my vocals.

Tonight is our third concert of our Japan tour and the previous two concerts went great! In Sapporo we had a great turnout and got to meet a lot of new friends who we’ve never seen in Sapporo before. Of course the Sapporo Classic Beeru was amazing as always, but for some reason every night on this trip I’m so tired and can’t enjoy my pau hana beers. Hopefully tonight in Osaka I’ll have a chance to just relax and enjoy.

Last night we were in Nagoya and played at the famous Blue Note Club. I knew it would be cool before we even stepped foot in the club but I was reassured when I stepped out of the elevator and saw a HUGE mural of Herbie Hancock with his actual signature on it. Stepping on that stage made me think of all the cool musicians who have played there before and I just enjoyed a moment or two before sound checking. The sound last night was AMAZING! I can’t wait to play there again, thanks Nagoya!

I have to head out to our concert tonight at amHall in Osaka so I’ll post more updates later.