Beautiful Sapporo


We arrived in Sapporo late last night after a grueling 10 hour flight on Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu. Since Hawaiian started this new route just a few days ago, the plane was pretty empty so there was lots of room to stretch out in. Reiko and her group met us after we had cleared immigration and we took the hotel shuttle for the 40 min. ride into the city. It’s pretty cold here and it looks like its been raining on and off … not good since Nick is trying to fight off a cold. We were all pretty tired from the long flight so we grabbed some food and water from the convenience store next to the hotel and called it a night. And as it always happens during my first couple of days in Japan, I didn’t sleep very well … maybe got about 4 hrs. max. I’m dead tired but totally wide awake – frick! Hmmm … I wonder what time Starbucks opens. I’ve also had this slight headache since yesterday … not bad but real irritating. Uh,oh … starting to ramble … better stop for now. Bye,bye …