‘Morning, all!  It was another epic Halloween evening … there were so many kids out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood last night!  I got home around 7:30pm and our street looked like one huge block party … I had to practically inch my way down the street in order to avoid hitting an Avenger, zombie man, or Snow White.  Of course, the party at our house was already well underway with Nick, Alex, and their compadres all dressed up in outrageous outfits and pretty well “lubricated”.  Linda always does a great job of decorating our house for Halloween … she must’ve been a witch in her previous life!  Yikes!

Putting the final touches on our upcoming tour and had some good news yesterday – it looks like our CDs are going to make it in time!  Yay!!  We were expecting the worse since the company that produces our CDs is located in New Jersey, one of the regions devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  Despite the obvious hardships, they assured us that they would get the CDs to us come hell or high water (no pun intended).  This is another shining example of people persevering in an almost impossible situation … something that I saw over and over again in Tohoku, Japan after March 11th last year.  Truly inspirational to say the least …

And it looks like we’re now scheduled to do a couple of brief performances in the afternoon at WORLD PORTERS in Yokohama on Nov. 11th to promote our upcoming concert in Shibuya.  We’ll also be there to promote ‘IOLANI at our partner’s HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY store located in the mall, so come on down and say “hi”!

Gotta get rolling … so much to do and so little time!

Aloha, “D”