Howzit, peeps … it’s the weekend and I’m slowly winding down after a very hectic week.  My downtime will be very brief, however … still have lots to do this weekend in preparation for our trip back up to Japan.  Speaking of Japan, it was a year ago that ManoaDNA was part of the Project Aloha delegation which traveled to Iwaki City in Fukushima and Sendai, Kessenuma, and Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefectures to show our continued support for the people in those areas devastated by the 3/11 disaster.  This was not our first trip to the Tohoku region after the disaster, but it was no less emotional … many of the experiences from that trip are as real today as they were a year ago.   Mahalo to our brothers & sisters from the Bay Area for allowing us to be a part of this amazing journey …

And the preparation for our upcoming “ManoaDNA Meets Ohana” Fall tour continues … lots of little details to take care of before we leave next weekend.  I’m a little apprehensive since this will be our very first solo tour to Japan … no other performers, just us.  We were also late “out of the blocks” since a project like this usually takes a year to plan, so I hope we can get the word out in time.  Oh well, whatever happens it’ll be a great experience and I guarantee that everyone at our shows will have a blast!  Time to pull out all stops and let ‘er rip … DNA-style!!

Aloha, “D”