Yesterday – Monday, 10/15

We’re home!  Flew in from Fukuoka a couple of hours ago and am now relaxing at home enjoying the cool Manoa trades!  The flight last night was pretty bumpy but I still managed to sleep about 6 hours … I guess I was pretty exhausted!  We spent our last day in Japan checking out some of the historic sights around Fukuoka and getting our last fixes of ramen, Mos burgers, and nama beeru!  We had a wonderful trip to Ureshino … the place is so laid-back and the people are very warm and hospitable.  They treated us like VIPs and made sure that our visit was a memorable one, which it certainly was.  Mahalo, Ureshino … we will certainly be back!  Ok .. I’m tired now, so I’m gonna sign off for now … will continue this tomorrow.

Today – Tuesday, 10/16

I’m back!  It’s around noon and I’ve already had two meetings this morning … starting to zone out so I’m sure I’ll start babbling nonsense soon … damn jet lag!  And to make matters worse, my car wouldn’t start this morning as I was leaving for my first meeting … turns out the battery was dead!  Luckily, I was able to borrow my mom’s car.  Alex called AAA after I got home and they came over to start my car … now have to take it to Zach’s place to get a new battery.  I gotta tell you guys that AAA was awesome – very impressed with their professionalism and efficiency, from the emergency hotline to the expert technician who came to assist me.  They’ve really improved since I last had my own AAA membership … may even consider joining again!   That’s it for now … starting to see spots and butterflies …

Aloha, “D”