Aloha from Ureshino, Japan!
After spending a night in Fukuoka we arrived here on Friday. Ureshino is famous for its onsen (hot springs) and tofu, both of which we’ve been enjoying very much. It’s so nice and quiet here … like being out in the country where the air is clean and fresh and the people are so nice and hospitable. There are a couple of public ashiyu located on street corners near our hotel where people can stop to soak their feet in the soothing water which comes from the hot springs. It’s a great place to sit with friends, soak your tired feet, and enjoy a nice cold beer … or as in our case, a couple of bottles of sake and shochu! The rooms in our hotel are all Japanese-style – tatami mat floor with futon bedding – no other furniture. The wi-fi is only located in the lobby area and is pretty inconsistent and very slow … but other than that, it’s a nice hotel and the food is awesome!

The shows here have been well attended and we’ve even seen several of our fans who came all the way out here to see us! We had two performances yesterday and have two more today, and tomorrow we head back to Fukuoka to catch our flight home. Although this has been a very short trip, it’s definitely been one of the most enjoyable. Can’t wait to return ….

Aloha, “D”


    After your first performance stage, We had the photograph taken together with you!Now a photograph of us is a treasure to me.
    we are looking forward to listenning your newly-released song.
    we will always be rooting for you. GANBATTEKUDASAI!
    see you again in Kyushu. ALOHA You KIZUNA!
    Big MAHALO!

  2. I’m glad you guys are enjoying our country. Thanks! Have a great day and performances!