I’m in overdrive right now … got so much to do before I leave for the mainland tomorrow!  Just got back from a meeting and it’s not even 8am yet!  Last night we performed for the Medal of Honor reception at the governor’s mansion.  What an awesome group of individuals … it was indeed an honor to play for them!  I met Sgt. Leroy Petry, a veteran of Afghanistan and one of the youngest recipients of the MOH … such a nice guy, like one of the gang … hard to imagine him being a hero until you realize his right forearm is missing, the result of a grenade blast while trying to save his men.  I also received a beautiful book from one of the organizers of the event which contained every one of the MOH recipients and their stories … it was even personally autographed by many of them!  Pretty awesome …

Got a couple of meetings today … gonna try and go to yoga class at lunch.  It’s exhausting as hell, but so worth it … I feel so relaxed and “balanced” afterward.  And this evening we’ll be performing at Waialae for the Punahou trustees’ reception so we won’t be at our regular gig at SWIM in the Hyatt.

Have to get going … lots to do and so little time!

Aloha, “D”