Aloha, peeps!

I thought that with the boys gone, things would quiet down a bit … boy, was I mistaken!  We had another busy day at ‘IOLANI yesterday … our good friends, the Taguchis, came to visit us at the store after just arriving that morning.  Yokohama hula sensei, Emiko, also dropped by with a couple of her haumana (students), followed by a group of MDNA fans from Sapporo.  It was great to see them all, especially Emiko … we first met her in Yokohama during ManoaDNA’s very first trip to Japan back in the Spring of 2006.  Come to think of it, that was also the second time that we met the Taguchis – the first time was at the E&O Trading Co. (since closed) with our friend, Leon Yoshida.  I recall sitting backstage at the Minato Mirai Concert Hall while the boys went to the amusement park across from the hotel to kill some time.  Suddenly, Alex walks in with this beautiful bouquet of flowers … and it was HUGE!  He told me that a couple came up to him outside of the concert hall and presented him with the bouquet.  I asked him what their name was and he said Taguchi … and that was the start of a wonderful friendship that endures today!

Alex emailed that he arrived safely in Ibusuki after a 16-hour journey … I’ll bet he’s going to sleep for 16 hours now!  We have to ship his new EPs up to Yokohama today so that it’ll arrive in time for his Sept. 13th gig.  I’m really excited for him but at the same time, a little apprehensive … sure wish I could be there to give him support, but I know our fans will more than compensate for my absence.  Thank you so much, everyone!  Also received a text from Nick last night after he arrived in Oregon safe and sound, so he’ll be heading down to Bend today …

Looks like a November tour is slowly taking shape … stay tuned for more details!

Aloha, “D”