ALX Blog – New Time Zone, New CD


Well, I’m back in Japan! After about a 16 hour door to door travel day by myself I reached Ibusuki and was EXHAUSTED! In the next week I’ll be relaxing and preparing for my show in Yokohama on September 13th. Still going to practice some of the new songs and get comfortable with playing by myself. It’s really going to be so much fun and I’m going to try to enjoy every single second of it!
At the show I’ll be promoting my new solo EP album that just released today! I’m so excited for this new adventure but we have to get right back to work when I get back on the new MANOADNA album. We got a lot of new music to go through so there’s a lot of work to be done. The next year is going to be so much fun with a new full length ManoaDNA album, various tours, and a full length ALX album too! Can’t wait!
Anyways, seems like time is of the essence nowadays so I got to get back to working on some ManoaDNA stuff. Take care everyone! You can check out the new ALX album here –