It’s Labor Day, our national holiday that honors the common working man, the blue collar worker.  To me, it’s more commonly known as the start of the new school year, football season, and the eventual arrival of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years … and 2013!  I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful day with your family and loved ones …

It couldn’t be a more beautiful day here in Hawai’i with clear sunny skies and brisk, cool tradewinds … ahhhhhhh, lucky we live Hawai’i!  It’s been a day of mixed emotions, however, as we got word that Sarah’s grandpa passed away late last night.  And though it was expected, it still brought much sorrow and sadness to all of us.  On a brighter note, Alex left today for Japan where he’ll be visiting Sarah and also doing his first live solo performance at Thumbs Up on Sept. 13th.  Nick leaves for the mainland tomorrow so MDNA will be on vacation for a couple of weeks – we’ll be starting up again on Sept. 19th at the SWIM …

Saturday night at Kani Ka Pila started off real quiet … the place was completely empty when we arrived except for a few people at the bar and a couple of the tables.  But by the time we were midway through our first set, the place was packed and there was a pretty long wait list!  I’d like to think that it was because of our music …

I’m going to start using INSTAGRAM more now and will be posting it on Facebook, so be on the lookout for my occasional photo updates!



2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!!

  1. swa2swa 10 years ago

    Happy Labor Day to you Lloyd!! It’s exciting to keep up with all you have going on. Our condolences on Sarah’s loss of her grandpa. I just got home to a beautiful sunset on the Big Island. Hoping we can get to Oahu to see you play again soon. Our Love to Carla!! Aloha, Wayne and Patti

    1. Lloyd 10 years ago

      Mahalo you guys!
      Our aloha to the both of you and hope we see you very soon!
      Take care …

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