Flea War!

Well, the battle is raging and I’m in full attack mode now!  I’ve been spraying the front portion of our driveway every morning now and the fleas are still around, although not as many as before.  With the help of the flea medicine we give the puppies, I think we’re slowly winning the war but it’s not over by any means!  It’s definitely gonna take a few more weeks of treatment to permanently rid ourselves of these little suckers (literally)!  I don’t know if any of you guys have experienced this problem before, but it’s a REAL pain in the butt!

Alex leaves for Japan in a couple of weeks and will stop in Yokohama to do his first ever solo live at Thumbs Up!  We’re really excited for him and hope that our fans will come out and support him … I guarantee you’ll enjoy his music!  ManoaDNA will be coming to Japan in October, but unfortunately we’ll only be performing in Ureshino City in Saga before returning to Hawai’i.  We are also planning a November tour and hope to have a confirmed schedule very soon (I think!).  And finally, a new MDNA CD may be coming your way soon …

Tonight we’re performing for the Hiroshima-Hawai’i Sister-State’s 15th Anniversary celebration at the Waialae Country Club.  If you recall, we traveled to Hiroshima back in May to perform at the celebration there, and now it is Honolulu’s turn to host the event.  I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Governor Yuzaki and his delegation and look forward to seeing them this evening!

Aloha, “D”