‘Morning, peeps!

It’s Tuesday the 14th, and the start of another beautiful Hawai’i day!  Although it’s been pretty warm recently, we haven’t had the hot, sticky humid weather that usually marks the end of summer.  In fact, it’s been pretty nice so far!  I had a nice phone conversation yesterday with our good friend, Danny Akaka, who’s daughter Kalei was running for the State House representing the Kohala/Kona district of the Big Island.  Although it was reported that she lost by a slim 45 vote margin, the results are being questioned because of an apparent voting “glitch” which occurred last Saturday.  Apparently, some of the Big Island voting polls opened late (not sure if it was due to staffing issues) and there were complaints by people who wanted to vote that morning but couldn’t because they had to go to work.  In any case, it’s now under review so we just have to wait and see what happens …

Want to send a mahalo out to my good friend, Hoshino-san, president of JTB-Hawai’i, and his staff who came down to ‘IOLANI on Kona St. to purchase some aloha shirts.

Aloha, “D”