ALX Blog – Tunesday Pictures!

Hey Everyone!
First of all, have you checked out my new ALX KAWAKAMI website yet? Check it out!!!

Well, as you noticed, I didn’t do a post yesterday with a video because I’ve been working on a new ALX album and new ManoaDNA music. ManoaDNA has a pretty exciting end of the year coming up with some tours and a new full length album to be released! It’s just been a crazy year so far with lots of new projects and new adventures for us so I’m predicting that the end of the year will be more of the same. I’m ready for it!

Since I didn’t get to a new video this week I thought I would share some pictures I recently took. I posted one last week on my but here are more for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

My YouTube channel has been getting a lot of cool comments and suggestions recently and I hope you all can check out the videos and comment on them. My most recent video WE ARE YOUNG has been getting faster views than any of my other videos so I’m excited to get back and record another one very soon.
Take care every!

Action shot of what I’ll be doing at my concert in Yokohama on September 13th!