You guys ever try driving up Ke’eaumoku St. in the early evening?  I did last night after having dinner at Ala Moana Center and boy, was it a dangerous mess!  As my car and others exited the center, we immediately ran into some Wal-Mart groupies trying to cross the street against the traffic light.  Someone should teach these guys what “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” mean … or if they can’t read, what the red and green lights stand for!  Then further up, we encountered the dreaded mini-van drivers – you know the ones … can’t seem to figure out what the steering wheel is for, much less the turn indicator.  Stopped in the middle lane, blocking traffic, and trying to figure out what PARKING LOT ENTER means … all the while talking on their cell phone and screaming at the 20 or so people crammed in the back.  But that’s not the worst part … once you finally make it past that mess, you enter “Taxi Alley”… a block lined with many restaurants and bars on one side of the street.  This is definitely the most dangerous part because cabs are constantly zipping in and out of driveways and parking lots, forcing drivers to jam on their brakes to avoid a collision … saw at least two near-misses.  Definitely a place you want to avoid ….

Aloha, “D”