Game’s back!

Happy Aloha Friday!

Finally played a decent round of golf yesterday afternoon … shot an 80 with two “birdies” and two “buzzards” and finally managed to win some bets!  Golf is such a fickle game … one moment you can be playing like a PGA pro, and then all of a sudden you’re duffing shots like a beginner.  I’ll tell you one thing, though … if you want to check out a potential client or business partner, take ’em golfing.  The game has a way of bringing out one’s true personality and character, and I can honestly say that I’ve avoided some potentially bad business relationships because of the way people have conducted themselves on the golf course.

Saw something interesting today … a couple of websites are selling ugly knock-offs of our ‘IOLANI ladies dresses and calling them “TROPICAL HAWAIIAN IOLANI” dresses!  They say that “imitation is the best form of flattery” and I realize that people knocking us off is part of the business, but it pisses me off when they include our ‘IOLANI name in their so-called original designs.  That’s really tacky and illegal …

I’m seriously thinking of taking the plunge and getting a new laptop since my old one is starting to do some weird stuff.  Can’t decide between another MacBook or a MacBook Air.  I like the MacBook Air because it’s light and portable, and the MacBook because it has more capacity and a disc drive but is heavier.  I’ll probably head down to Apple today to check ’em both out …

We’re back at Lulu’s tonight and KKPG tomorrow.  Next week we’ll be on the Big Island … can you say “Twilight”?

Aloha, “D”