I’m losing it ….

‘Morning, peeps!

I must really be losing it in my old age … it’s becoming more and more difficult to remember people’s names and it’s so embarrassing!  Last night at Side Street Inn, I started calling the bartender Walter instead of his correct name, Stuart … which wouldn’t have been a problem except that I’ve known this guy for almost 20 years!  (And no, I only had one beer in case you were wondering!)  My friends tell me the memory lapse is caused by having too many things on my mind … which could be true given my line of work.  But I really feel that if someone takes the time to come and see me at ‘IOLANI or at a ManoaDNA performance, I should at least make every effort to remember their name!  I can usually recognize faces but names are another story, so if you guys have any suggestions on how I can improve on this I’m all ears!

We had a special visitor earlier this week at ‘IOLANI on KONA ST. (‘IOKS) … Japanese actress and model, Yuka!  Apparently, she and her mother had just arrived in town for some rest & relaxation, and some friends brought them to our store to shop.  Our sales staff was so excited and she seemed very nice … she and her mom bought a couple of ‘IOLANI dresses and a shirt.  Mahalo for coming!

Carla seems to be recovering nicely after last week’s trip to Japan and is slowly adjusting back to our time zone.  It’s kinda hard not to, especially when puppies are jumping all over you at 6am!

MDNA is at back at Lulu’s this Friday and Kani Ka Pila Grille on Saturday (first time we’ve done consecutive weekends in months!).  But next weekend we’ll be on the Big Island for our favorite gig of the year … ’nuff said!

Aloha, “D