ALX Blog – Solo Debut!

Hey everyone!
Happy Tunesday Tuesday!
This week I don’t have a new video to share but I have some great music news to share. In September I’ll be heading to Yokohama to do my solo debut concert! It’s on September 13th at ThumbsUp and I’ll be playing new music as well as some classics. So exciting! I hope to maybe have one more performance somewhere else too, but right now the only stop is ThimbsUp.
My recent YouTube videos (WATCH MY VIDEOS!) show what I plan to do at my concert. I’m going to play multiple instruments and build it like I do in my videos, but do it live and in person. I better keep practicing!
I’m also working on my debut solo album that will hopefully be released before my trip. I’ll be posting up little samples of what you can expect very soon!
Check out the my flier below and check out the YouTube videos below and hope to see you in Yokohama soon!