Aloha “Friday the 13th!”

Whoa … it’s Friday the 13th!  Seen any guys with hockey masks and chainsaws running around lately??  Muahahaha!!!

Ok, enough of my sick humor … so it’s another gorgeous day up here in the valley … a little rainy and windy but very cool.  Nice!  My day’s kinda mellow … nothing scheduled except for Lulu’s with MDNA tonight, so I think I’ll go down to ‘IOLANI for a while before squeezing in a few games of squash.  Tomorrow, we’ll be at the HJCC’s annual banquet at the Hilton to receive the Multi-Generational Award given to a family business.  It’ll be great because my mom will be with us … only wish my dad were still alive to be there too.  On Sunday, the MDNA Golf Club tees off at Coral Creek G.C. and then on Monday, Carla departs for Japan to attend the International Fashion Fair at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center.  Traveling with her will be Skyler Kamaka, the new 2012 Miss Hawai’i, who will be with ‘IOLANI at the trade show.  The ladies also plan to be in Yokohama on Saturday, 7/21, to check out the Hawaiian Holiday store in World Porters’ new Hawaiian Town mall.  I’d like to personally invite all of you ManoaDNA and ‘IOLANI fans to come down and meet our new Miss Hawai’i next Saturday!  Please check with the store to find out when they’ll be there …

And that’s about it … oh yeah, watch out for those chainsaw guys!!  Yeehahaaa!

Aloha, “D”