ALX Blog – Pumped Up for Tunesday!

Happy Tunesday Tuesday everyone!
I was so excited to do another Tunesday video this week and ended up recording this one right after I did last weeks video. After figuring out how to use my new toy – the VoiceLive Touch – I had so many ideas on how I could use it and make it even more useful than it already is. I recently saw a video of the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, and decided I wanted to try and cover the song as a ‘one man band’ type of video. After borrowing our drummer Seann Carroll’s cajon I put together this video of me covering this song and using the loop and harmony feature on the VoiceLive Touch. This video was done in one take and there are no overdubs on it, the sound you hear is coming straight from the output of the VoiceLive Touch. Pretty fun stuff ahead in terms of performing with this thing. I hope you like it! Even though this is one take it still took me about 3 full takes to make sure the cajon and guitar were looped correctly, the harmony sounded natural, and I pushed all the right pedals at the correct time. I wish I had a camera set up on my foot because it was moving all over the place! Enjoy and please feel free to share with your friends if you want.