Hey everyone!

I had an idea that every tuesday, hopefully, I’ll blog about something having to do with music and hopefully have videos and pictures to accompany it. My first idea was to do a YouTube video for every Tuesday, I mean, “Tunesday”, but I’m afraid I won’t have enough music to post haha! So, I decided to make it a day to post about our music or something having to do with our music! We’ll see how this works and if I can keep it up. Anyways…”LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I PRESENT TO YOU…THE DEBUT OF TUNESDAY!!!!”


We just started doing a song originally done by Journey called “Faithfully” and I decided to post it on YouTube as my 2nd ever music session on YouTube. I’m still figuring out how to video myself and make it look decent so give it a couple videos before I can get it right. If you have any suggestions for songs to do for YouTube please let me know on this blog comment section, FaceBook, or Twitter. Enjoy the video and please share it with the world! My first video I posted in February has about 1100 views and I want this video to surpass it. I want this video to hit 10,000 views! Please help me!

Thanks every one!


  1. Great video Alex……suggestions for next song(s)…..”More than Words” by Extreme and “Up on the Roof” by James Taylor