Happy Father’s Day!

Wow .. this is one of the longest stretches I’ve gone without a blog!  First of all, I want to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!  It’s so easy to forget how lucky we all are to have such great kids … even when they’re a pain in the ass!  Hahaha!  While looking through my old photos, I found this photo of Nick & Alex when they were little guys … so cute and it brought back lots of great memories!

Let’s see .. oh yeah, now I remember why I haven’t blogged since Wednesday.  I was so depressed from my Thursday golf outing … I think I shot a score of 93 and lost to everyone!  But the worst part was when I took a 12 on hole #5!  First, I hit my drive & 2nd shot into coconut trees, then hit it into the green side sand trap where it took me 6 swings to get out before mercifully two-putting for a grand total of 12!  Man, I SUCK!  Ok, enough of that … fast forward to Friday where we were back at Lulu’s for some pau hana merriment – good fun as usual.  On Saturday, it was back on the links again to try and make up for my humiliating play on Thursday … didn’t shoot much better, but thank goodness the other guys struggled more than me!  At least I was as able to get off the tee a little more consistently …

Last night we performed at my good friend Gregg’s daughter’s graduation party out at the Ko’olau Golf Club.  Talk about how time flies … looking out over the crowd of graduates, I think Nick and Alex were actually starting to feel a little old for the very first time!  Hahaha!  Welcome to the club, boys!

Aloha, “D”