Kamehameha Day

Howzit, peeps!

Happy Kamehameha Day to all my friends!  Boy, it was so hot today that I had to turn on the air conditioner … and that doesn’t happen very often here in Manoa.  We performed down at the Honolulu Zoo this afternoon for the Lokahi Family Fun Day and what a gorgeous day it was!  The zoo was filled with people enjoying the holiday with their families as we joined other entertainers to help the local charity.  Mahalo to Trini, Bruddah Wade, Sean, Aaron, sound man Woody, and the zoo staff for making it a wonderful event for everyone!  After we were done, we stopped off at Rainbow Drive Inn to pick up a late lunch … I got a mixed plate with barbecue meat, boneless chicken, and mahimahi, and the usual sides of rice and mac salad – all smothered with gravy!  A cardiologist’s nightmare!  And if that wasn’t enough, I also got a slush float – a thick strawberry ice drink with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it … mmmmm, good!

Coming back to perform at Kani Ka Pila after being on the road is always such a great feeling … and Saturday night was no exception.  They’ve recently set up tables closer to the stage which I really like because it allows us to be closer to our audience.  We had a lot of visitors from Japan that evening .. probably because of the Pan Pacific Festival that was in Waikiki that weekend.  My cousin Reid and his wife Marilyn came down to celebrate their wedding anniversary and brought us a nice gift of Kaua’i chocolates … those chocolate opihis were awesome!  Mahalo cuz!  We definitely have plans to stay put the next few months in order to work on our new CD and a couple of other special projects, so that means we’ll be at Lulu’s and KKPG on a more consistent schedule.  I know a lot of our fans will be happy to hear that!

Aloha, “D”