Weekend’s here!

Yay!  It’s Saturday!

Got up early this morning because Carla stole my pillow … I need two pillows when I sleep otherwise it gets uncomfortable.  Anyway, got my mug of hot DD coffee and my old laptop so everything’s good!  Just got a Facebook message from one of our fans pointing out a mistake I made in my blog yesterday – it was actually Kaori who made those cute little cookies for us!  Gomennasai, Kaori-san!  Your cookies were not only cute, but they were sooooo ono too!

Last night we performed for the 30th Anniversary of the Hawai’i & Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce relationship over at the Hawai’i Prince Hotel.  ManoaDNA was the featured entertainment along with a kagura dance troupe from Hiroshima – a kagura is a cultural tradition in Japan just like the hula is to Hawai’i.  

This particular kagura was about a father who fought to save his daughter from eight evil dragons (or something like that).  In any case, it was pretty dramatic and I enjoyed it very much.  Mahalo to Wayne, Nicole, Margot, and the rest of the HJCC committee for inviting us to be a part of their evening!  I saw many familiar faces from our recent trip to Hiroshima including Misa from KZOO and Peko-san … and oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important thing – the top okonomiyaki chef in Japan (that’s what I was told) was there to cook for all the guests!  We were able to taste his cooking after we were done and boy, was it good!  And I just realized something else – we’ve now participated in three Hawai’i / Hiroshima anniversary events – the Sister-City’s 50th, the Sister-States’s 15th, and last night’s Sister-Chamber’s 30th!  That’s a lot of relationships!

And the beat goes on …

Aloha, “D”