Golf sucks!

Hi peeps,

Went out golfing yesterday afternoon with my Thursday gang and my game has totally gone into the toilet!  My favorite bird of the day was the duck – as in “duck hook”, which happens when your ball goes sharply left every time you hit it.  I think my swing may have been affected by the stiff neck I got a couple of day ago and the LOFT factor (Lack Of F—ing Talent)!  Miraculously, I was able to finish the front nine with a 39 (two birdies!) and then totally fell apart on the back with a flurry of bogeys and buzzards (double bogeys), finishing with a 46!  Oh well, I guess I should be grateful that no one got hit by my wild golf shots …

Got some more pics for you guys … and they’re all food!  Yay!  The first one was taken at a shabu shabu restaurant in Yokohama which our friends, the Taguchis, took us to. 

We love shabu shabu, a dining style where you cook the meat and vegetables in a light broth and then dip it in a sesame or ponzu dipping sauce … very delicious!  The best part is at the end after all the cooking is done … they bring ramen noodles and cook them in the now very flavorful broth!  Pure heaven!

The next pic is an omiyage, or gift, which we received from one of our fans while we were in Yokohama (mahalo, Kiyoko!). 

These cookies were so cool, and I’m always so blown away by how creative MDNA fans are!  They are always so generous & thoughtful … we truly have THE BEST fans in the world!!  I want to especially acknowledge our pal, Hiroyuki, who got me an actual t-shirt from the NCIS Far East Field Division … how in the world did he ever get that?!!  Amazing!

The last one was taken at our IOLANI on KONA STREET store recently.  

It’s an apple pie (seriously!) but made in a different style (duhhh!).  The whole apple was boiled in syrup and then wrapped in a light dough, then baked.  The core was taken out and filled with a cinnamon-like filling.  Needless to say, it was AWESOME!!

Well, gotta get ready for another day at IOLANI … then we’re off to do a special reception at the Hawai’i Prince, and then we’re back at Kani Ka Pila tomorrow night.  Yeeehaaaa!!!

Aloha, “D”