ALX Blog – Who Needs Sleep?

Well good morning everyone!

It would appear that my lack of sleep has made me go a little nuts. I don’t know what the hell is happening but I cannot sleep for the life of me!!

Every night except for one night since I’ve been home I’ve fallen asleep around midnight and slept for an hour before waking up and staying up. I then fall asleep in the morning for about 4 hours and hate my life for the rest of the day. The only time I’ve gotten more than 5 hours of sleep was when I woke up at 1am, stayed up till 9:30am and slept till about 2pm. Yea, like I said, I’m going crazy! I write this to you at 2:10am having just took my one hour nap from 12:30 – 1:30. The lack of sleep has gotten me sick and I don’t think I’m going to get better anytime soon because sicknesses go away with lots of rest.

Today I did everything right. I woke up at 8:30, ate breakfast, went paddling in the ocean till about 2, ate some lunch, went to the doctor to check my cold, ate dinner, came home and tried to rest my tired bones around 11:30. On a normal day I would pass out till morning. That didn’t happen. Took my hour nap and now I’ll be up till 5 or 6am to take my 3 hour nap, then go play music tomorrow not knowing what planet I’m on or who’s car in driving.
Oh I forgot, I took Tylenol PM last night to try and knock me out. I won. It didn’t work. It just made my staying up till 5am really drowsy and foggy.

Am I done complaining? Yes. Now leave me alone while I stare at my ceiling for 3 more hours.

“Insomniac” ALX

PS: I’m hungry.

My paddle was nice tho…blahhhhh!!



  1. Hmmmm I’ve been having this sleep/non-sleep pattern for a few weeks now. I hate it. Grrrrrr but someone said it has to do with a lot of planetary/astrological shifts? If you believe that……