More photos!

Aloha, everyone!

Well, I think I can honestly say that Mr. Jet Lag gave me a break this time.  I’m back to my regular sleep schedule and can actually remember what day it is!  Can’t say the same for Alex, though – he really got slammed this time, which is kinda weird since he and Nick usually handle jet lag pretty well and I’m the one who usually ends up getting hammered …

Anyway, here are some photos I took during our visit to Hiroshima last week.  The first one was taken at the Mazda Zoom Zoom stadium where we performed before the Carp vs. Lions MLB game.    The short guy in the middle is my mother’s cousin, Tadao, whose house is on the same lot where my grandfather’s house was.  The other guy on the end is our good friend, Nishio-san, a TV producer for TV Shin Hiroshima who produced the documentary about my mother’s family which was televised in  Japan and Hawai’i a couple of years ago.

The second photo is me with my good friend, Masuko, along with the three Hiroshima Goodwill Ambassadors.  Masuko is the chaperone for the ambassadors who we met in Hawaii during this year’s Honolulu Festival.  They were also attending the anniversary celebration events in Hiroshima during our visit. 

And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a food shot!  The final photo was taken after the game – we were all feeling pretty tired and just wanted a nice bowl of ramen before hitting the hay.  Well we ended up at this little ramen place which was known for its tsukemen, a cold noodle dish where you dip the noodles in the broth.  This stuff turned out to be pretty spicy as you can tell by the color of the dipping sauce.  I ordered spice level #2 (on a scale of 1 – 20) – Alex ordered #6 and Nick ordered #11!  Fools!  My #2 was burning my lips so you can imagine what the boys went through!  Hahaha!

Aloha, “D”