Lots to do …

Aloha kakahiaka, peeps!

It’s another blustery morning here in Manoa … we’ve been waiting for a break in the weather in order to take the puppies out for their walk, but every time we’re about to go it starts raining again.  Poor little guys … go, stop, go, stop … probably getting constipated with all this waiting!

We did a photo shoot with some of the Miss Hawai’i contestants at our IOLANI on KONA ST. store yesterday.  They’re such a nice group of girls … beautiful too!  After that I had to do a video monologue for a TV ad … and boy, did I suck!  It must’ve taken about a hundred takes before it was over!  I couldn’t remember my lines, got easily distracted, forgot to smile, couldn’t stop fidgeting … this acting stuff is TOUGH!  Not sure if I’d want to do this again – ever!

Want to say mahalo to my dear friend, (Mrs.) Ohta-san from Tokyo, who comes here every year with her all-women group, The Birds, to perform at the Hokus.  She came into IOLANI yesterday to see me and pick up some shirts and dresses, and also to invite me to their welcome party at a Waikiki Hotel (which, unfortunately, I was not able to attend).  She owns a nightclub in Akasaka, Tokyo called Birdland which we’ve visited several times during our tours there.  A very nice and classy lady …

We’re taking my mom to the Kahala Hotel for breakfast this morning.  I always enjoy going out for Sunday brunch because it’s so relaxing … no appointments, phone calls, or emails to distract me.  After that, I have to come home and start packing for Japan and maybe get in a workout later this afternoon.  Then, maybe a glass of wine with my sweetie??

Aloha, “D”