Coffee change-up!

‘Morning, all!

I just committed heresy … instead of brewing a pot of my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, I made a cup of Nespresso!  We actually ran out of DD yesterday so I had to use the other stuff which actually is pretty darn good!  It comes in individual servings, ranging from very mild (beige) to very strong (black).  Of course, I use the black since I like my coffee strong and flavorful!

We went and met some friends at Shirokiya’s “Yataimura” last night.  It’s a food court located in the Shirokiya store in Ala Moana Center that serves great Kirin and Asahi draft beer at very cheap prices.  The seating area is surrounded by food concessions that sell all kinds of Japanese dishes – katsu, sushi, sashimi, edamame, udon, ramen, tempura, or whatever else you feel like eating.  And the place was PACKED … here it was, early Monday evening, and there were lines of people waiting for seats and food!  Store management definitely hit a “home run” with this baby …

Pretty mellow day ahead … one meeting and then gotta take AK to the airport.  Still got a lot of paperwork to do at the office, though … boring!

Aloha, “D”