Ahhh .. Sweet Embrace!

Hi guys,

We had a great rehearsal last night … especially loved the arrangement of Alex’s new composition SWEET EMBRACE, which we’ll debut soon.  Nice movement, great vibe … just a really fun and uplifting song.  I love learning new material – it gets the ‘ol juices flowing again and forces us to get off our butts.  It does require a lot of hard work and dedication, though, but in the end (no pun intended!) it’s totally worth it!

Amazing sight as we walked the puppies this morning … I saw a large bird with a white body and bright red head sitting in a huge monkey pod tree on Oahu Avenue.  Someone must be releasing these exotic birds into the wild because I also saw several bright green cockatiels flying around the area recently.  Nice to look at but I wonder what effect they’ll have on the local bird population …

Got a busy Wednesday on tap … meetings in the morning and afternoon, then ManoaDNA’s at the Hyatt from 5-8pm.  Here we go again …

Aloha, “D”




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  1. “SWEET EMBRACE”  What a beautiful sound!  Can’t wait to see you guys and hear your music.