Weekend recap

Aloha, everyone!

Boy, lots to tell.  It was a quiet night at Lulu’s on Friday with very little energy in the air – quite unusual for that place.  We get a night like that every now and then so it was really no big deal, except that it requires so much more energy for us to stay focused and engaged.  I think we may becoming a little “stale” too which can happen after you’ve been performing week after week with the same schedule.  That will change very soon since we leave for Japan again in two weeks to perform in Hiroshima and Yokohama.  We’re always excited to go back to Japan because we have such great fans there and the food is SO awesome!  We’re going to be performing at the 15th Anniversary celebration for the Hiroshima & Hawai’i Sister-State relationship with two performances – a private reception on the 30th and an appearance at the Hiroshima Carps baseball game the next day.  After that we move on to Yokohama where we’ll be doing two shows at Thumbs Up on Friday 6/1 & Saturday 6/2.  Friday show tickets just went on sale the other day, but the Saturday show is already sold out.

Speaking of Saturdays, I played golf the other day with a bunch of my fellow degenerates at Waialae … and boy, was it ugly!  Luckily, everyone’s game sucked along with mine so I actually made a couple of bucks.  Right now my game is pathetic … I’d be sailing along making pars and an occasional birdie or bogey when suddenly – wham!  I make quadruple bogeys on the next two holes!  What the .. ?!!  I have absolutely no idea why my game goes south so quickly.  Oh well, that’s golf!  After we were done, I made an interesting discovery while we were having lunch in the grille … did you know that you get almost a half-bottle pour when you order a glass of wine there?  In most restaurants, a bottle of wine easily fills four glasses with some to spare, but not at Waialae!  We actually filled an empty wine bottle with water and poured it into a wine goblet to measure and sure enough, it took almost half the bottle!  Now I know why no one can walk straight on Thursdays after having 2 or 3 “glasses” …

And I hope y’all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!  We started ours off with a wonderful brunch over at our friend’s house – mahalo to the Yamanakas – and then headed down to the Hawai’i Prince to perform at Waipuna’s He Lei Makamae dinner event.  There we shared the stage with Na Hoku finalists Waipuna and Kuana Torres Kahele, along with Kaleo Trinidad’s halau and emcee Maka Herrod, aka “Boom Shaka Laka Maka”.  Maka is from Kaua’i (which is where my family is from) and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  On-stage he’s absolutely hilarious – he’s the first comedian who truly reminded me of the late Rap Reiplinger of the original Booga Booga.  I want to thank Matt & Kale for inviting MDNA to participate in this wonderful event, and to our pals (and Kale’s parents) Neil and Marianne for “babysitting” Carla while we were on stage doing our “thang”.   It was a great day for all …

Well, that’s about it for now … got a lot of stuff to do today so I’ll catch you guys later!

Aloha, “D”